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2024 DATES:    JUNE 12 - JULY 13TH         Bradenton, Florida                                         


                             5500 LAKEWOOD RANCH BLVD

                               BRADENTON, FLORIDA

Florida Gulf Coast League (FGCL Softball)

UMR Sports is home to the first pioneer of summer collegiate softball, the Florida Gulf Coast League, established in 2019.  The FGCL is home to beautiful pristine white beach fronts and playing surfaces with the UMR Sports Campus soon to be constructed for FGCL playing use in the future.  FGCL Softball is the "Cape Cod League" for collegiate summer softball, seeing over 300+ collegiate programs represent the FGCL each summer here in Manatee/ Sarasota Counties. 

The FGCL season will see 10 competitive teams competing up to a 25-game schedule plus playoffs over a four-week summer season.   Team names are named after Manatee and Sarasota County history, such as the Sarasota Circus, Bradenton Slice, Manatee Squeeze and many other team names that represent our county history culture that make us proud.   

Come support these top collegiate athletes who come from all over the United States each summer, from top collegiate programs such as Oklahoma, UCLA, Arizona, FSU, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Washington and more!  In the 2023 College Summer World Series for example, 27 players on team rosters were representatives of FGCL Softball.  Come to our Florida paradise to experience premier summer collegiate softball and of course our amazing county and beautiful beaches, just south of Tampa Bay.

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